Dogsledding is not an occupation, it‘s a lifestyle

Have you heard about Finnmarksløpet? That‘s the longest dogsledding race in Europe – 1200 km long. Pretty impressive, right? Our dogs, raiced by Tove and her son Torkil, compete there every year.
We can easily say Tove is a legend in the dogsledding world. She has quite a few unique achievements in her list that we are all proud off. She has been participating in Finnmarksløpet since 1995 and has finished it 19 times ever since. She was there since the very beginning and to this day is the only woman who has started the race so many times.
Moreover, she has also participated in the World longest dog sled race (1600 km) in Alaska, The Iditarod, in 2006. And finished it!
“Here comes Grandma” “I want to be like her”

Son Torkil has been involved in the dogsledding world ever since he was born.

He also chose the path of a musher. Apart of his involvement in everyday life of the kennel, he also has racing ambitions. He finished his first 1200 km Finnmarksløpet race when he was 25 years old. By now, he has participated in the race 7 times and finished 5 times. Right now, his priorities lie with the youngsters in his human family, but he plans on competing in the Finnmarksløpet many more times.