Events for companies and organisations

Events for Companies and Organisations

No companies or events are the same, and your ambition is the starting point for our delivery.  Over the years we have hosted a range of different conferences, workshops for companies and employees, board meetings, lectures and development processes.  All combined with healthy snacks, lunch, dinner – and a possible coffee avec by the bonfire.  A 1-day program, or 2 days included an overnight stay in our lavvos and cabins? Your choice.
We often find that our dogs and a combination of indoor and outdoor activities affect people and the energy in the group in a positive way. “Inspired, fresh, a feeling of happiness” – these are descriptions we have received many times.  This is what we aim for – the added value on top of everything else!  The best way is that you contact us directly with your request and we clarify solutions and details together. We are here for you – give us a call or send an email.