Adopt don't shop

Our dogs spend their whole lives working hard for us, showering us with unconditional love and loyalty. When they grow older, our mission is to find them a retirement home where they can truly enjoy their final years. We want them to experience the simple joys they deserve—leisurely walks, lazy afternoons on the couch, and the bliss of a pampered, peaceful life.

Our dogs usually retire around the age of 8 to 10 years, though sometimes they need to step back sooner if sledding isn’t their passion or the dog yard becomes too stressful. To help them transition into the loving homes they deserve, we have a special program called “Borrow a Buddy.” Through this program they get a chance to experience the joys of pet life before finding their forever homes. 

We have joyfully found loving homes for over 100 dogs, bringing happiness to countless families. Alaskan huskies make the most wonderful pets, filling homes with love and companionship. If you’re searching for a loyal, four-legged friend and wish to join our cherished Rehomed Husky Family, please send us an email. Together, we can create even more heartwarming stories.

Woman and husky playing on a sandy beach in northern norway