The 3 Lavvos

Lavvo is a traditional Sami tent that has been used for over 2000 years. It is well suited to the Sami’s traditional nomadic life and is very similar to the Indians’ tipi. It consists of several stakes which are fixed at the top and spread out in a circle. The cloth was mainly reindeer skins sewn together, and the reindeer-herding Sami often switched to special woolen carpets made by the Sea Sami. These carpets of homespun wool were both waterproof and windproof. Our lavvos are larger and more modern versions built to withstand winter-storms and heavy rain for various use by groups daily throughout the year.

Lavvo Terra and Torsk

The two larger lavvos sleep up to 12 people and are used for our overnight programs. Draped in reindeer skins and snug sleeping bags, they promise a cozy evening by the fire – a camping experience with a touch of luxury. Beyond winter, these lavvos transform into unique venues, perfect for your private gatherings.

Lavvo Tutti

This is a lovely, private place to sleep for 2-4 people (1 double bed + 2 singles). You lay on a cozy base of reindeer skin at the edge of the forest, with view to mountains and sky. It is your private cave for a romantic weekend, honeymoon, small family trip – or any other occasion. Combined with one of our overnight programs, it can be booked for an additional price. The building embraces you warmly – sweet dreams!


In 2011 we opened our largest multi-purpose building “Binna” (active link to a presentation of the building), designed by the architect Odd K. Steinsvik. It is inspired by the raw beauty of nature combined with modern comfort, technology, menu and service. We want this to be a space for opening the senses, giving inspiration and imbuing the body with good energy.
Binna provides natural daylight and magnificent view, and can accommodate most type gatherings, such as conferences and workshops, weddings and parties, courses, yoga gatherings and exhibitions. Included is free wireless high-speed internet, a high standard audio system and screen, and essentials like flip chart and markers, papers and pens.
We offer a local food concept and tailormade menus. Also, we provide bus-transport and parking, and most events can be combined with outdoor activities and our dogs.

Vital facts of Binna:

• Theatre 100 pax
• Classroom 70 pax
• U-shape 24 pax
• Diplomat 30 pax
• Reception 130 pax

The sleeping huts MULTE, SPIKER & FLINT

During the pandemic in 2020-2021, the Wilderness Center invested in the development of new products. The result was the unique sleeping huts for humans and dogs, designed by Endre Hals. The design is inspired by the shape of a resting husky, and the color scheme by the names and character of iconic dogs at our center.

This is a teaser for our new, innovative product ❤️ Are you a couple of friends, or perhaps newlyweds, or even planning to celebrate a silver wedding? Then this is your destination. As soon as it is ready we will launch it properly. We are so looking forward to welcoming you!