Meet the dogs


Yellow! I Raph! Yes, it’s me! Don‘t you see me? Haloooooo, here! Yes, here, come! Let‘s play! I love to play! You‘re coming! Whoop whoop! Omg I don‘t know where to put myself, so happy! Wait, what‘s that? Food? I love food! Play! Run! Play! Food! Did I tell you my name is Raph? Come play!


Heyyyyy. Ash here! Yes, this is my belly. It‘s meant for cuddles. Yep, yep, that right, pet it right there. They say I am a dominand guy, could you ever believe it? Yah ok, I like to try and snap on other male dogs sometimes, but who doesn‘t? They got me neutered, I was upsed at first, but really, it‘s so good now… Only girls around me. Heaven!


Hello hello hello! I am Caldera, I love to wag my tail! Yes yes yes, it‘s me, come, rub my belly! Or the side! No, belly! Oh, that‘s good… If you talk to me longer I will give you my best smile. They say I have a unique smile!


Hi, I am Venstre. Yes, my name means “Left” in Norwegian. But I don’t care about the directions, I just like to run in circles. To use all the space. They say sleddogs have to run! I am training to be an ultimate sleddog. I use sunny days to relax and chill. I like to be at my best consciousness the rest of the time. Just to make sure everything is all right in he dogyard. I like people too, especially if they let me jump on me, even if it‘s agains‘t the rules.


Hi there. Oh, you look good. I look good too. I am also the boss here. At least in my house, I set the rules and my neighbor follows. I am strong and confident, dogs don‘t mess with me. Humans like me, I like humans too. I will never jump, I am gentle. Come along and bring your kids to cuddle me.


Hellloouuuuu. My name is Pumba. I looooove food. And cuddles. And food. And then cuddles again. Sometimes I try to take food from my roomate and that often doesn‘t end up well. I also like to ask people to stay with me longer by nipping on their jackets. They say it‘s not allowed, I don‘t understand what it means. They also say I am not the brightest mind but I am big and I love pull! Pulling forever!!


I‘m Will. They say I am shy. But it‘s okay to be shy, no? I just like to be careful and take my time. If I like you, I might give you some sneaky kisses on the nose. Just don‘t look at me and don‘t tell anyone. It‘s a secret.


Hi, I’m Flikk. Some call me Meška (the little female bear in Lithuanian) because of my brown fluff. I am a lead dog, but not everyone enjoys having me as I often have my own ideas where to go. Down the cliff is super fun! Or deep snow, off tril, yay! Good that I know how to play cute and make people like me anyway. Belly rubs is they key.