Meet Avocado 🥑 10 years old ⠀ Fluffy, sweet, weird and little timid. Yes, Avocado is a shy dog and probably won’t be the one asking for cuddles if you approach him in the dog yard. Quite the opposite – he will most likely hide in his house. He is a bit uncertain about this big wide world and often acts insecure at first. ⠀ As most of our shy guys, Avocado needs some time to warm up and once he does, he can become really playful. His siblings Mango and Kiwi are already adopted and developed a very goofy personality over some months. Avocado is not a needy dog, but has potential to become cuddle monster. Same as his siblings, he also has a good sense of humor and we assure entertainment for the one who adopts him on daily basis. Life with weirdos is never boring. ⠀ Avocado loves being outside, but unlike most of our sled dogs, he doesn’t pull that hard when taken away from the dog yard. There are so many unknown things to discover, he is usually more busy sniffing, peeing, observing and eating grass – doing doggy things 😎 ⠀ Avocado is neutered and could easily join a family who already has a female dog. He is a curious dog and there’s even if he’s reaching the senior age, he is discovering life as a puppy. ⠀ Feel like you’d like to introduce Avocado to the pet life and offer him forever home? Contact us! ⠀ 💌 gintare@villmarkssenter.no