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You don’t have to travel far from Tromsø to experience North Norwegian nature at it’s best! If you’re looking for adrenaline adventures or a fun family excursion you can make memories of a lifetime at Tromsø Villmarkssenter.

At Tromsø’s largest Husky Camp you can experience dog sledding, northern lights displays and more in the winter months. In the summer you can feel the smile of the midnight sun on a kayak, from the mountain tops or with your new four legged friends in the dog yard.


The stunning natural beauty of Arctic Norway provides the perfect playground for outdoor activities. Winter time brings soft snows and spectacular Aurora displays in the sky. We go dogsledding, on aurora hunts and more.

The Arctic Summer is short but intense as all life struggles to make the most of the 24 hour daylight. The Gulf Stream provides a surprising warmth, giving us prime conditions for hiking, kayaking and enjoying life outdoors.

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