Meet Silver: A Goofy, Happy Lady Looking for Her Forever Home

Silver, born on January 20, 2014, is a joyful and easygoing dog who finds happiness in every aspect of life. Though she has retired from dog sledding, Silver remains enthusiastic about joining you on any active adventure. She has experience with bikejoring, skijoring, and will always be excited for walks or hikes.

Having lived indoors, Silver is well-acquainted with house rules and is comfortable in an urban environment. She knows basic commands like “sit” and “lay down” and would be thrilled to learn more if you dedicate some time to train her. While Silver loves activities with her human, she also has a great “off” switch and relaxes easily when it’s time to unwind.

Silver with Other Dogs

Silver is a generally happy dog who avoids trouble and gets along well with other dogs. She has lived with other dogs and has adapted fine. She finds small breeds a bit more interesting simply because she hasn’t encountered many in her life. Being sterilized, Silver can easily live with a male dog.

Silver with Children

Silver is kind and gentle with children, having met many in her life. She doesn’t jump on kids and is always happy to greet them. While she is calm and cuddly indoors, her excitement might be a bit much for a family with toddlers. However, she would thrive in a home with older kids.

If you feel like you could offer Silver the loving pet life and forever home she deserves, or simply want to meet her, contact us at 💌

You can see more pictures of Silver on this Instagram Post.