Meet Hyse: Your Perfect Cuddly Companion

If you love cuddly and social dogs, look no further—Hyse is your man! Born on January 5, 2015, Hyse is the epitome of a social dog who is obsessed with humans. If he could, he would spend his entire life on top of his humans, soaking up cuddles.

A Unique Charm

One special thing about Hyse is that he doesn’t have any teeth. Due to severe periodontitis, all his teeth had to be removed. However, this doesn’t slow him down one bit—he eats without any problems and maintains a healthy weight. His two toothless brothers have already been adopted and thrive with their gummy smiles.

Personality and Behavior

Hyse is more than ready to move indoors. He is calm, loves to sleep, and cherishes being close to his people. Outside, he enjoys following you around and happily comes when called by name.

Hyse with Other Dogs

Hyse is incredibly easygoing and gets along with all dogs, regardless of type, size, or breed. He is a kind gentleman, making him nearly the perfect dog. Although Hyse hasn’t been tested with cats, we believe he would be just fine. He doesn’t have a single bad bone in his body.

Hyse with Children

Hyse would make an ideal family dog due to his love for close human contact. If children want to cuddle him, he’ll be in heaven. What’s not to love about kids who give him attention?

If you feel like you could offer Hyse the loving pet life and forever home he deserves, or simply want to meet him, contact us at 💌 gintare@villmarkssenter.no.