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“It’s November. The first snow has made its way to the mountains and on the streets of Kvaløya. The sled is set up. Your four-legged friends are ready: There are two female dogs in front as the leader of the sled. (Female dogs are just smarter.) There are two more girls in the middle who motivates their colleges. Last but not least you’ve got two strong and big male dogs in your team. After you have introduced yourself to your sled-dogs, you close your jacket, get on your warm hat and gloves. You jump on your sled. The dogs are howling, ready to start. ‘Let’s start my friends!’ With those words the dogs start pulling your sled forward. You feel the fresh cool air stroking your face. The views are incredible and you wished the whole world would stop moving for some minutes.”

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or evening musher experience for November and save 11% by using the promo code: NOVSLED2016

The sled is ready. The dogs are keen to pull sleds again.

*Are you keen to be their musher?

*You don’t want to drive your own sled? No worries, that promotion works also for every dog sledding ride!

This promotion is valid from 3rd October until 10th October 2016.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Call: +47 77 69 60 02 or send an email to: mail@villmarkssenter.no