Tove Sørensen

“In 2006 I participated in the World longest dog sled race in Alaska, The Iditarod. It was an unforgettable experience!”

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Torkil Hansen

“Tove’s son, has been dogsledding since the age of four”

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Bente Ellison

“Tromsø Villmarkssenter’s main source of renewable energy”

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Ole-Kristian Reinertsen

“Has the office record in metres above sea level (6188 m, Island Peak)”

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Raymond Larsen

“Has years of experience playing double base in a classical orchestra”

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Ieva Laucina

“When you leave the comfort zone, you enter the adventure zone”

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“Leave everything and go camping”

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Nick Brooks

“Leap first worry about the landing later”

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Manu Par

“My favorite color is Orange”

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Anneli Lääts

“Cats are like dogs for lazy people”

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This Seasons Team

We always have a friendly international team, who speak plenty of languages, so we’ll be able to give you a guided tour in your native language.

See this seasons team below;

Sam, Denmark

Ben, UK

Kristian, Italy

Hannah, Norway

Katrin, Switzerland

Gintare, Lithuania

Gregor, Poland

Linas, Lithuania